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Описание: Описание: Описание: Описание: zombirowaniesoznanijajandekskartinki4The man himself and the whole world around him represent energoinformational structures, fields of energy.


All that we can see, touch, smell, hear, feel – is a certain way structured energy fields, the field structures. It takes us only to take a look at the structure of an atom, to understand that all substances are made up of energy bunches - protons, neutrons, electrons, and others, interlinked by a certain structure.



A human being as a system of energoinformational bodies


Besides the physical body, which is a complex of tightly structured energy fields, a man has seven energy bodies. Each of these bodies is a field structure of a certain frequency range and each one performs a specific function in a human life:

- an etheric body, represents our perception and provides energy for cells and organs of a physical body;

- an astral body accumulates the energy of all our emotions and feelings;

- a mental body, represents our thoughts, knowledge, logical reasoning:

- then, there are thinner (higher in frequency) bodies of a human soul, which manifest as subconscious (Buddhi) and superconscious (Sabeeja -Samadhi, Savicara-Samadhi and Nirvichara-Samadhi).



The first four bodies - physical, etheric, astral and mental - are the instruments of the soul, providing its existance in this world, an opportunity to acquire knowledge, develop sensual and practical experience, skills and abilities that are put in its thinnest bodies for eternity. They represent the only value of the soul, acquired during its life on the Earth.


The last four bodies are eternal. They keep experience, skills and abilities, accumulated by the soul during all the previous reincarnations.


All the bodies have a mutual influence on each other and are in a certain way interconnected. We all know, how our emotional state influences our thoughts and our physical condition, and, on the contrary, - our physical condition affects our emotions, clarity of thinking and ability to solve our problems, etc.

Energoinformation channels of human communication with the world

The man constantly interacts with the world around him, exchanging energy and information.


Channels of person’s interaction with the surrounding world are very diverse. According to materials of IYGAS - main channels of the exchange are the following forms of perception (sense organs) of external energy information impacts:









Sense of rhythm


Sense of Touch




Sense of smell


Sense of humor




Sense of reality




Herd mentality






A sense of gravity


Sense of harmony




Sense of happiness




Sense of compatibility


Sense of space


A sense of proportion


Sense of time


Sense of danger






Sense of pressure








Sense of sex




Sense of temperature














Sense of life




Sense of The Universe


The person, deprived of all the channels of exchange with the outside world, quickly perishes. The purity of these channels influences human adaptive abilities in our world and his/her health.

Factors, undermining physical and mental health


While breathing, a person receives energy (prana) for the vital activity of the whole organism, for redox reactions of metabolism, for the an etheric body replenishment.


Nowadays, air contains harmful heavy metals pollutants, acrid exhaust, especially in large industrial cities.


In addition to emissions of harmful substances produced by chemical plants, exhaust gases of the enormous number of cars, people breathe harmful emissions of their homes’ building materials.


All this impacts on a human organism, health, immune properties of a body and working ability, as well as genetic code, which is transmitted to posterity.


The man receives energy and building material for the human body with food. Naturally, human organism is more oriented to processing and assimilation of plant food. Which becomes clear, when you take a look at the structure of the gastro-intestinal tract: the form of a stomach, long intestines, and others.


However, there are cases among the peoples of the Caucasus, the Far East and other places, where people eat meat of only one kind of animal their whole life (for example, lamb or venison), and live up to 100 and more years.


Food that we eat should be of natural origin. It should carry real, natural energy. With the abundance of plants and animals, composing the food, a man gets their code, which contains the program of behavior in natural conditions, worked out by all these living beings, starting since life appeared on the Earth, and up to our days.


When a plant used as, obtained through hybridization, by change of its genetic code, the effect is unpredictable. Modified genes get to a human body and may transfer features, weakening the immune system and bring new kinds of diseases.


Treating fields and gardens with  chemicals and pesticides, in order to increase the biomass, also has its impact on a human body, on levels of hazardous substances in it – nitrates, nitrites, and others.


The pollution of rivers by drainage from the fields, dumping of industrial enterprises waste, radioactive waste, city and other populated areas sewer system and so on reflects in the condition of water and fish, which is also a source of food.


The meat food contains energy and state of an animal (bird). If a bird or an animal is slaughtered at home, their sufferings don’t last too long. Everything happens very quickly and with mercy.

In industrial conditions the livestock slaughtering is terribly cruel. An animal has to wait for a long time, intuitively feeling the approach of this procedure. Butchering takes place right after the electric discharge, which doesn’t even kill an animal completely.


All this causes a great stress and production of certain enzymes in the body of an animal. These anxiety, depression, suffering and aggression enter human body with the meat.


Often a bird or an animal is feed with hormones, which causes body weight gain. These substances pass to a human body with meat, causing excess weight and obesity.


A person with unstable state of mind, which is dominated by the energy of fear, uncertainty, depression, is more prone to various influences, and is more likely to be manipulated by outside factors and settings.


In addition, souls of animals killed in a such barbaric way, remember these conditions and the stress and then, reincarnate as people, who are also very liable to the states of fear, depression and hopelessness. People more likely to get under influence of alcohol and drugs appear as the result.


Our vision is a powerful channel of energoinformational exchange with the surrounding world. Through it we receive information about of what is going on near and far away from us. We can see the mood of the people around us, their condition, as well as perceive the state and information of surrounding us people, objects, buildings, and others.


A particular geometry of lines also carries certain states. So, the combination of vertical and horizontal lines, and the dullness of their architecture, the large size of these buildings cause depression and feeling of hopelessness, the recognition of the fact that man is actually a helpless, a lonely being in this big industrial world.


Unnaturally bright colors of clothes, objects, film frames also suppress, make people get used to the artificial conditions of life They separate us from nature and reality, bringing up the qualities of artificial creature, beautiful mechanism.


Fast, unnatural changes of frames in movies, automatism in the behavior of the actors conducting  according to standard schemes, easy attitude towards murders and torture, mixed with sex scenes - all this is being stored in subconscious of the young generation.   


Modern education does not encourage all-round development, does not give rise to natural curiosity, to desire to gain knowledge, to study the cultural heritage of humanity: classic works of literature, music, painting, and others. Thus, young people do not receive life adaptation guidelines, immunity to influences and imposition of wrong, primitive, vulgar and aggressive programs of behavior and ways of thinking.


There is a well-known subliminal stimuli - "25th frame" effect. One can put any information in each 25-th frame. It will not be visible, but the information of this frame will be put in subconscious and work when it is time.


There are other forms of impact on the human brain through television. For example, there was a case in Japan when after watching the seemingly harmless cartoon 700 children got epileptic seizures and were vomiting. 208 of them were hospitalized. It turned out that rhythmic flickering of blue, red, and white colors have led to this effect. The frequency of this flickering coincided with the frequency of rhythms of certain systems of children's organisms, and it caused a resonance.


Fashion, developed by the well-known designers, often transform men and women in something like a thoughtless stuffed animals, mechanic dolls with small heads with unnatural hair color and style as well as face expression.


Nowadays the mechanical man, who acts according to the given orders and schemes, has become icon of fashion and contemporary society.


The languages of different peoples, especially the most common and widespread in the world, such as Russian and English, also are subjected to strong influence and change. Each language has its own energy and mentality of that nation – the native speakers. The mentality was formed thousands years ago, on the basis of life experience of many generations. Language as well as all other cultural achievements of mankind, is a valuable heritage of each nation. This way people communicate, express their emotions and the necessary information, it is a way of energy exchange among people. Each letter is a sound or a combination of sounds (mantra). Every word is a combination of sounds organized in a certain way carrying a certain state, information and energy.


Any artificial simplification of the language is like changing of the genetic code of an organism. It cannot pass without leaving a trace, not affecting the mentality, mood and development of all the people, their ability to self-preserve, to withstand the negative external influences, that is, their immune properties.


The removing of the alphabet letters, changes of the alphabet, brings more interference to the process of exposing people to knowledge and literature. The pronunciation is distorted and so on.


There are some filler words and expressions as “like”, “y'know” and others in Russian language, which are constantly used, often without a special need, but they carry a specific state.


Let’s think about the so-called modern pop-music without any kind of harmonious melody but with deafening roar of instruments and rhythm of synthesizers. Sometimes there is a line or two, repeating throughout the whole track, like: “Gimme..”, “Lemme…”, “Go here, go there…”, “Wanna…”, “Come on…” and others. They bring a certain state and behavioral program.


In the future these words can be used as a code for the execution of specific programs of action, which can be laid in these words.


This mechanism for encoding the consciousness of the people V.V. Zhirinovsky used in his pre-election campaign, running for the president post. Then, after the multiple repetition of the words “I give you the set”, which was previously introduced to people’s minds by the psychic and psychologist Kashpirovsky at his mass hypnotic sessions, Zhirinovsky said to vote only for him. A lot of people voted for Zhirinovsky, not without understanding why they did it.


On the basis of numerous experiments with plants, a molecular biologist Petr Garjaev proved that the words affect not only the physiological processes in a living organism, but also its genetic code. Using the knowledge of our school, we can say, that the energy impact of the speech structures apply to the more subtle energetic structure of living beings, that is affected on the bodies of the soul.


All that brings out the factors that contribute to making people more dependent on external influence on their mind, more subjected to control from the outside.


Nowadays, there is a lot of many-sided research going on the subject of psychoactivity and the so-called psychotropic and psychotronic influence.

Ways of protection from aggressive impacts


Protection from zombieing and degeneration lies in the great, accumulated for many centuries and millenniums cultural heritage of the peoples. Music written by classics – Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Grieg, Glinka, Tchaikovsky and other great composers, clears all of the human bodies, up to the highest ones of the soul. The knowledge gives the correct orientation to thoughts and actions.


It is necessary to train oneself to control thoughts and emotions, which can be provoked from outside, using your weak character traits – resentment, self-doubt, fear, jealousy, malice, aggressiveness, etc. The development of strong-willed qualities, and the sense of responsibility for the actions towards oneself and others also makes a person more protected from the influence and hypnosis from the outside.  It will help you to weed out the thought, provoking the aggressive actions towards others.


There may be a lot of difficult situations in life, but they are given to people according to their possibilities. There is always a way out, one just needs to calm down and maybe someone will help or the solution will come in a different way. We should always be confident in our strength and drop unnecessary emotions and depression (being obsessed with negative thoughts), which weakens us. Life and the physical body, as a tool and the garment of the soul, are the most valuable things that are given to one by his or her parents. One has no right to deprive oneself of this, regardless of what kind of terrible thoughts may come to him or her from the outside. The soul is strictly punished by the Universe – it can’t reincarnate for a long time. We always need to think: "…and who would profit from it?”


Physical training is a big part of the spiritual development. The most effective are Yoga classes, which provide the opportunity for harmonious development of all bodies of a person at the same time, without paying attention to only one part and forgetting about the others, as it happens with sport training. Yoga classes with good teacher will quickly restore the physical body, stimulate the thinking, and harmonize the life of a person in the society.


The integral Yoga gives the possibility to learn the laws of nature and to understand how to live in accordance with them. Harmonization of relations in society, between a man and a woman and one's interaction with nature promotes the health of a human body and a soul, as well as extension of youth and life itself.


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