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Alena Jasinskaja  in Russian

Описание: Описание: How to create a zombie?


Nowadays everybody has heard at least something about manipulations with human consciousness. As for the psychologists – the first half is occupied with creating manuals for professional manipulators and the other half gives practical suggestions on how to protect oneself from this kind of influence. “Well, they definitely won’t take me for a ride” – everyman says proudly, right before taking the bait of a yet another “illusion seller”. And still it is possible to avoid so unenviable fate. Logic together with clear mind is the best protection.




Almost every day we have to deal with the manipulators – people, who take advantage of us, by trying to make us feel certain emotions. The influence occurs in the veiled form – whether it is heartfelt appeals of people carrying a Word of God to the masses of new cult-followers or sweet persuasions of the network marketing worker who has just popped in the office to offer you  “the very best” detergent powder.


Naturally, who will agree for his/her consciousness to be forced openly! Anyway, the aim of this influence is quite clear: a manipulator tries to pressure your opinion, desires and goals the way he/she wants in order to get the absolute control over the victim of his/her practice.

Caution: thoughts transplantant!

The more The more thought we give to another person's idea in our brain, the easier it is for it to accommodate and develop rapidly. Imperceptibly we start to think about things, which presented no interest for us yesterday. Haven’t you caught yourself not being able to sleep and thinking about a miracle-skillet from a commercial? Or that you’re trying to find a new widely advertised cure-all in a drugstore, ignoring well-tried remedies? Or you are so touched by a fate of a poor thing from the 8th floor, who is unhappily married to an alcoholic, and now timidly begging you for small loan, that you give it to her without thinking?


The diagnosis is clear: the highly skilled manipulators managed to drop a seed of fixed, or more likely, fixed by someone idea in your head. The harder "think" about it, "feed" it with your energy, the more this initially alien, probably, even the hostile to you thought changes the features of its new "owner". The latter, in his/her turn, does what the former have wanted of him.


Several years ago my friend – a girl that looks like a model and has the university diploma – somehow got married. Exactly somehow: the spouse who have not found time to graduate from a training college, made the poor woman cry by constant complaints and humiliation. He was accusing her of being clumsy, bad homemaker and, alas, lacking of mental faculties… Despite his frail constitution and the inferiority complex in general, the mother-nature has endowed the given representative of a "strong" half of mankind with talent of the manipulator, probably, as a joke: about a year and a half later what was left of the smart and beautiful girl was a pale baited shadow of a woman with the perspective of divorce and long months of communicating with a shrink.


This worldly example proves the basic postulate of manipulative psychotechnology to be true: the imposed idea becomes dominating and gradually alters the person. "Author" establishes a strong control over the person into whose consciousness he has "implanted" the thought. Thereby he attaches its carrier to himself, as a new energy source. So, this is how you can create a zombie.



Slogan plus image – the brother and a companion


Описание: Описание: to authoritative psychologists – Svetlana Solonskaya, in particular, during the last years they paid a great attention to the manipulative technologies constructed on features of human mentality. Highly effective developments from psycholinguistics sphere, neurolinguistic programming and Erickson Hypnosis interfere with our subconsciousness. The standard set of methods used by professional manipulators is based on perception psychology.


Let’s take a look at one of the most effective ways of "brainwashing" - the so-called "associative binding”.

"Cutting" the advertizing or propaganda message, manipulators subtly analyze, what kind of associations it should raise in the unwitting consumer of the information. At first sight, separately taken newspaper article or a telecast are absolutely neutral, however, the imperceptible details put into them can direct imagination of audience to the right channel, having caused certain associations. As a result, the image of the goods, service or the parliamentary candidate is formed on the subconscious level. The real mastership of "associative binding” is skillful sending of this kind of messages in a certain order: due to inertness of human thinking the impression received from the previous information block, is imposed on the first one. The image (positive or negative - that doesn't matter), having “accumulated” additional features, is fixed in the minds of a target audience.


Long time ago the experts have noticed: it is in human nature to trust to a TV screen more than to their own eyes and ears. Why would one look out of the window or take a walk outside their own house, when he/she is going to see and hear everything just like that? Someone even looks up the weather only in the Internet: even if it’s raining heavily the advanced user won’t take an umbrella if the virtual barometer shows “sunny”. Exactly because of the steady illusion of "objectivity" and "reliability" of the image presented on the screen, the television possesses almost unlimited possibilities for a mass consciousness manipulation.


Feeling as the full participant of events, the average televiewer hardly recognizes the nuances of the application of such techniques, as cross-cutting, angle and layout. Skillful TV specialists are capable of creating any image of an event with the help of carefully picked details


 Let alone the notorious advertizing slogans! From time to time one just can’t get rid of some absurd tongue twister, repeating it in his/her mind like a mantra. Sometimes you can find real gems among creators and copywriters, whose witty and often rhymed sayings improve perception and enhance memorability of an advertizing message. It doesn't matter that we don’t know anything about technical characteristics and flavoring qualities of the advertized goods. With the use of  a successful slogan in order for this product to benefit in the market what’s imprinted in our brain is not only and not as much the feature of a certain product, as its idealized and attractive (you have to run and buy) image.


Ceremonies of Evil


In times of social instability the considerable part the confused citizens falls under influence of so-called pseudo-religions. Offering salvation and promising achievement of enlightenment popular nowadays cults skillfully manipulate the consciousness of the potential flock.


Some of them are considered to be very dangerous: feeling a strong psychological dependence on sects, their adherents get isolated from an external world - up to leaving their own families. Once having entered such organization, it is very difficult to leave it: their gurus are able to use a perfectly mastered skill to spy on their brothers and sisters and bringing back the returning of "the lost sheep” in to the doped "flock". A sect can have a huge influence on a person: quite often it can change his/her perception of the world completely.


The obedient zombie is ready to follow any order "from above": for the sake of saving of a community, without hesitation, he/she will part with his/her beliefs, with property, and sometimes - with life …


Not so much time passed since the members of a memorable White Brotherhood, preparing for a doomsday, were going to perform a so-called purification ceremony– and simply – the mass suicide. Fortunately, law enforcement bodies have interfered with actions of their leaders just in time. The subsequent researches have shown that young men have been subjected to unknown psychological impact.


Certainly, there is no same person who would sacrifice his/her life without some real reason, just in the name of someone’s dubious idea. By the way, the roots of blind obedience of adherents grow from depths of time immemorial when religious sacrifices had special mystical sense: human flesh quite often was used as a treat for masters of the underground world and heavens, hoping that these gods would sent people crop or malicious demons or that they wouldn’t send plague and a drought; as well as the cultists immured their breathing victims in the basement of the erected buildings – for durability …


Manipulative psychotechnologies are used in different areas of our life – from network marketing to political public relations. With all its variability and specificity of techniques, the scheme of influence on masses remains invariable: skillfully juggling with ideas, manipulators imperceptibly put them in our consciousness – while “the recipient” will acknowledge the thought imposed from the outside as his (her) own.

Everyone can become a target group…


According to professional manipulators: everybody is hypnotizable.  Everybody without an exception can be subjected to it – one just needs to find a right “key”.


Curiously enough, that the people who don’t believe in anything are the easiest ones to manipulate. It is very simple to calculate their reactions, which means that it’s simple to control them as well: you can just give a hint to one of those pragmatic know-alls that certain behavioral model will bring them certain benefits.


The manipulator’s goal becomes many times more difficult to reach when he/she has to deal with an individual with very strong beliefs. Psychology calls it strong behavioral pattern. However, there is no unbreakable wall for a true master. Althought at might be a nasty climb for him/her. Namely: he/she will have to apply an individual approach (which it is both troublesome and costly), and even lie directly to one’s face. That means the exploitation of strong person’s beliefs.


Some “intellectuals” tend to think that people without proper education are the most vulnerable to manipulation. As for themselves, they think they have a certain immunity due to being so special and sophisticated. Alas, ordinary professional manipulators have dispelled the next myth of intelligentsia: researches have shown that the overwhelming majority of the population just doesn't bother with frequent change of stereotypes. Passive inhabitants simply turn a deaf ear to modern features – as for the intellectual elite they are always ready to perceive new and fresh ideas…


How to protect mind from attacks


One can argue a lot, either the control of a human mind is acceptable for its own good, providing that the manipulator’s role is played by a school teacher or a wise and educated governor. One thing we know for sure: discreet manipulations deprive a human being of freedom even worse than direct compulsion. A human under manipulator’s influence becomes a thing.


Sadly, there isn’t any certain developed mechanism to protect people from this technology. Is it so, that everyone is able to manipulate minds of others with impunity?

Unfortunately, it is so.  However there are a number of simple but effective methods, that can be easily used, and thanks to which we would be able to parry blows on our minds. The thorough analysis and some life experience will help here. Grigori Fudim, the head of the Psychotronic Influence on Human Beings subcommission in the National Academy of Science in Ukraine, advises trying to look at the relationship with a potential manipulator logically in the first place. The one who tries to secretly control one’s mind, often uses a “thesis change” technique. A solution may lie in logical chains, exact questions and specifications, with the help of which a false stereotype imposed from the outside is destroyed.


A manipulator tries to catch your attention as fast as possible – immediately. A suspicious contact should be interrupted at least for some time: have a glass of water, swallowing 21 times (to calm the nerves), and massage center at the back of your head – especially its mostly projecting part (where the “will crystal” is located, which is actually the final goal of the executed actions). You can also cover left side of the back of your head with a hand.

Another good working technique is manipulations protection on a thought-form level: imagine that you have a living warm and fluffy cat on your chest in the form of a luxurious fur neckpiece! At first sight the animal is sleep. But if the opponent makes any careless attack on you, your downy protector wouldn’t hesitate to show its claws… 

And of course, don’t allow pulling you into a discussion, if you haven’t studied the subject thoroughly. When you posses profound knowledge, you can confuse your obtrusive interlocutor with a pair or tree “crushing” arguments: as a rule manipulative psychotechnologies work on the emotional level. When the manipulator sees indications of being true homo sapiens in you, he would immediately back out.




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